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Black Lives Matter Digital Archive

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With a social movement that operates in both the digital and embodied worlds, this project began as an opportunity to represent those entanglements by bringing digital and physical items together into a common space and back into conversation with one another. 

The items in this archive were collected from three sources:

  • Newberry Library -- The items from the Newberry Library-Chicago's ongoing collection of Black Lives Matter ephemera from the Chicago area.
  • Twitter -- Ongoing collection of tweets using Twitter's API around the hashtag #Blacklivesmatter.
  • Community Contributions -- Tweets, stories, videos, and images donated to the archive from community members like you.

Ethical Considerations

Building and maintaining a digital collection site means wrestling with issues surrounding informed consent, privacy, community harm, and censorship.  For our community collection site, we included a Statement of Values on our homepage with a link to the Society of American Archivists’ commitment to ensuring the diversity of archivists, to emphasize our desire for all perspectives and to be as inclusive as possible when gathering materials.  We have included a Terms of Service with every digital submission and require archive users to create an account before donating to the site.  Our tweet collection utilizes Twitter's API and is collected using TAGS. Published tweets are those that are publicly available on Twitter; they do not include tweets that have been subsequently deleted, those from closed accounts, or from anyone who makes a direct request for privacy.  We make every effort to reach out to non-public figures whose tweets we collect for the archive.


The Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities at Loyola University-Chicago would like to thank our partners at the Newberry Library, the Center for Critical Race and Digital Studies at NYU, the University of Virginia library team that compiled many of the resources we have utilized for our site's infrastructure, our site administrator Ericka Christie, and all of our community members who have contributed to the archive. Thank you!