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Black Lives Matter Digital Archive

Black Lives Matter is one of the most successful examples of a movement that has organized in both embodied and digital spaces.  To give a more complete picture of BLM's organizing power, this project seeks to archive the entanglements of both on- and offline engagement.

Building the archive

Recognizing the importance of archiving a social movement that operates in both on- and offline spaces, the Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities at Loyola University-Chicago is building an archive that includes both the digital and physical artifacts of the movement.

Donate materials

Our collection for the archive is ongoing.  If you would like to submit an item from your personal collection (tweet, story, video, image), please visit our Contribution page. 

To nominate a digital artifact that is not your own, please use our URL nomination form.

Please read the Terms and Conditions for submissions.

Statement of values

The Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities at Loyola University-Chicago stands firmly behind the Society of American Archivists’ commitment to ensuring the diversity of archivists and the archival record.

Using the site

This site consists of individual items from three collections: material protest items from Chicago's Newberry Library, tweets collected by our site administrator, and community donations of physical and digital items.  You may browse individual items, items within their respective collections, or one of our exhibits that bring together elements from all three collections to tell a story about a particular time and place in the movement.

Browse the Digital Collection